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You're My Best Friend And I Love You, Yes I Do

You Need Love Tough Enough To Count On

xAmaShadowx's on that page now.
Yup. Your father's here :P
I just wanted to write a little something here to remind you of how amazing you are. You surprised me more than once and keep on doing so even today. You are SO, SO strong. You kept your head up through that huge mess that happened; and opened your heart to me; and your mother.. X3 And I am extremely proud of you. I really am. And I am so thankful for being in your life and being such a close friend. It's crazy enough to say that we got so close in so little time; but as I said a hundred times before, it's for the best. We both know things will stay that way and I see a lot of crazy shit coming in this lifetime and the
next! <3 Just remember that I'll always be right here, no matter what. I love you son c: doesntmattewhatshere

Owl-Flight here, I just wanted to say you're an amazing person and I love you. I call you my son as a joke but I really am proud of you. I'm also proud to know I'm in your life, and that you trust me and care about me as much as I do about you. You deserve the best from the world and I hope I can be a good friend and a good ma'. Love you son <3

Let's Face The Facts About Me And You


For some reason I've gotten a bit worse at being cheesy and stuff, so I'll do the best that I can!
But we met back in 09-10 and that was a longlong time ago. It's been a real rocky journey. We've had huge ups and huge downs, and somehow through all of that we've made it out. Somehow I feel as if we have always been good friends. And I feel that that will always be the case.
I'm trying not to repeat things, but it's hard because all I really need to say is that I missed you. You're not one of my best friends, you are my best friend. You're like family to me. And that's something I would never give up, and I never have.
We always know how to cheer each other up. We always know how to make each other laugh. And in the 4-5 years that we've known each other, we have also learned that no matter how many fights we get to, it's easy for us to pick up where we left off. doesntmattewhatshere
And whatever happens I'm always going to be here, I'm always going to help you pick yourself up when something happens, and I'm always going to be the best Boo Boo I can be. Because like I said. Besides
Tuck obviously, you're my best friend. And I'd do anything for ya.

We Go Where No One Goes, We Slow For No One


Sooooo.... yeah. This is me. Hacking Jay's account like a pro. And.... yeah. Thats that. OHOHOHOHOH ALMOST FORGOT!

Jay's a really awesome person, who TOTALLY doesn't have enough faith in her art. She needs a good kick in the arse sometimes to upload some amazing stuff she doesn't think is good enough to upload. But thats what I'm here for ;Ddoesntmattewhatshere
Jay, you are one of the very few people on deviantArt that I feel like i can talk to about anything. You always make me feel better, and you're never judgmental. You've helped me so much more than you could ever know. You've unknowingly talked me out of some really stupid stuff. You were one of my very first friends on deviantArt, and have always been one of my closest. I have a feeling we are going to remain close friends for a very long time to come <3

I Think I'm Finally Clean

Jay doesntmattewhatshere
"It's a little bit horrifying just how quickly everything can fall to crap. Sometimes it takes a huge loss to remind you of who you care about the most. Sometimes you find yourself becoming stronger as a result; wiser, better equipped to deal with the next disaster that comes along. Sometimes, but not always."

This Is Our Moment In History

Bienie's Potato  by JayLights
This is my family. I found it all on my own. It's... a little broken. But still good.

wolfie1998 AshuraTheCoyote xAmaShadowx Owl-Flight JayLights Griwi SpitfiresOnIce HawIucha


Jay, I haven't known you long but I love you and trust you so much. I know if I need anything at all you'll be there for me. I could never hope to know a more kind person. Thank you for being there for me, and I hope you know I'd do anything for you. If you ever need me, I'll be there in a heart beat. Really, I'm not good with words, I can't write like you can. Which you're really good at btw. I just want you to know I love you, you are family, and I don't know where I'd be without you and the rest of the pride. Especially now.

Bienie wanted to write on your page so she wrote a thing to put on your page.
I haven't known you for long, I've seen your art around and stuff and I knew that Jazz knew you, but I didn't know you until they threw us together in the Pride which turned doesntmattewhatshereout to be a bad idea for the poor others at times and it's been great to get to know you! :la: You're a really nice and funny person, and even though you somehow managed to eat my special potato for you cries deep inside I shall forgive you because you're a pretty great person, and it's really fun to talk to you. You're so supportive and kind to everyone in the Pride, and it's great to have you there.
I don't have anything else to say for now, so I'll wrap it up here. Stay awesome!

Hey Jay!

I know I haven't known you for long but honestly I feel like i have known you forever. You are such sweet, kind and caring lil potato and I love you! Since the pride was thrown together we have gotten along so well and it just makes me laugh. Oh you and Bienie love to taunt me and Dezzy so well but don't worry.. i'm gonna get you back >:D watch your tail cause i'm coming for you! Mwahaha. Love you bro don't forget your awesome.

Hi Jay! I'm on your paaaage! Took me a while derp XD But anyway hello and whoever else who is stalking her page! =3 I just wanna say Jay that we may not have known each other very long but you're are such a nice and awesome person who i know i can come to for support and stuff! (Also i can fanboy all about Legend of Korra so meh! x3) But yeah I wanna say you're a great friend to love and care for and i hope we get to be friends for a long time to come! :heart:


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